Today we are back with the story of the Domainer Manmeet pal Singh ,an entrepreneur who has spread his talent and excellence throughout the country and very popular among bloggers, digital marketers, domainers and tech entrepreneurs.

This dynamic personality man is Manmeet pal sing the Founder Of Blog X and advisor of domain name association of India.

Brief lines about his life

His education was going on in Canada, but due to some personal issues he returned to his home Amritsar and supported his family business.



Currently, Manmeet Pal Singh is associated with many organisations. They are listed below
  • Founder and organiser – BlogX and DomainX
  • Chief executive officer – Reappoint the Internet
  • Advisor – Domain name owners association of India
  • Fellow – Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers (ICANN)
  • Member – Internet Corporation for assigned  Names and Numbers (ICANN)

How the idea of organising Blogging conference Came to his mind

There was nothing more specific and dedicated related to blogging industry, so he decided to organise small bloggers meet. In few days with references and recommendations the list grew big enough that he decided to do a large scale event and in this way, BlogX was Born.

Some Views of Manmeet Pal Singh on Domain Sale

What is his View to buy expired domains and what are the best platforms to find them

Many domains are dropping everyday and there is a list of dropping domain names on Dropped domains give a great benefit in SEO.

There are various platforms to find and research about expired domains like

There has been a remarkable growth in  TLDs in the recent past, how much opportunity is there in TLDs other than .com?

Manmeet says,” .com is the king and always will be”. Domain name investors have started investing with zeal in .IN ccTLDdomain names as each multinational company has set their eyes on a piece of that pie with various innovative products.

What criteria do he suggest when buying domains for resale?

Manmeet says, “with experience and learning you will be able to understand the industry and make wiser investments.”

Which tools Manmeet uses for his Business

Google Keyword Planner: – Google keyword planner helps to figure out worth of keywords, traffic volume and the CPC NameBio is a comprehensive domain sale database to research domain name values and prices with comparable sales. the best website to stay updated with latest trends of domain industry Website to get information about expired domains.

From which register he buys domains and where he hosts them

He registers domains in bulk at  and hosts the developed sites at

Which platform did he suggest for domain name parking

Manmeet prefers for domain name parking

Aside from selling and parking what else can be done with domains

Apart these develop them

How many domains he have in his portfolio

Manmeet have currently 10,000+ domains in his portfolio

What challenges he have faced through his journey

Manmeet has faced many ups and downs in his career. After the sad demise of his father he worked for both his family business and for his passion

His biggest domain name sale was of in the year 2015 for 150,000 USD

His advice to newbies

He suggests reading, and before purchasing domain names


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