About Atman Shah

Atman Shah is a 14-year-old student belongs from Rajkot, Gujarat, India. This fellow is addicted to computers and gadgets and working on exploring the internet marketing

Atman started his blogging career from 2015 and planning to be an internet marketer

Family Background

Atman lives in a joint family with his father, mother, uncle and aunt in Rajkot

As considered about the support of family towards blogging his family supports him in every aspect, and they have a blind trust on atman and this is the source of inspiration for atman to do more

Atman’s Hobby

Instead of getting addicted to games etc. as typical students atman had been addicted to blogging. So blogging is his hobby

How atman manages time for school, work and life in this age

His school finishes by 2.20pm every day and after school his he gives most priority to his passion which is blogging and the less goes to homework but still, he manages to score well

What is the most challenging part of journey in Blogging career

The ranking is the most part. Updates from Google like fred update, Panda update makes this journey rough enough, but there is a saying “ a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”

What is the best social media strategy for getting more visitors to a blog?

“Connecting with Target Audience” is something we have to look out for, after all what you care for is your audience and your duty is to serve them well.

Always create posts which audience can relate

Favourite Bloggers of Atman

Pradeep Kumar, Anmol singhi, Chris Lee are the bloggers who are the source of inspiration for atman

Pradeep Kumar – internet marketer, founder of Hellbound Bloggers, Movies Drop, DeviceBar

Anmol Singhi – He has a firm grip in SEO

Matt Diggity – He is just excellent SEO in terms of PBN’s and black hat techniques.

Brian Jackson – Workes at Kinsta and runs a blog called Woorkup. He is one of the very best Inbound Marketer.

Chris Lee – well known for his RankXL technique and it yields excellent results.

What is the message of atman for people who wants to start  a Tech Blog?

Atman suggests not to start a tech blog if you are newbie to blogging simply because there are a lot of competition in tech blog field and if you are experienced then go ahead and use long-tail keywords. Do some keyword research and link Building

What tools did atman use

He uses KwFinder, Ahrefs, Serplabs and Grammarly.

KwFinder – KwFinder is a keyword research tool. I can get an idea of competition via this tool. KwFinder is a hands-down best tool for KeyWord Research.

Ahrefs – Ahrefs is a combination of tools. Ahrefs can analyse website, backlinks and much more. It is excellent for examining competition and backlinks.

SerpLab – SerpLab tracks keywords for their rank in Google.

Grammarly – I use Grammarly for grammar corrections. Grammarly works very well for all types of documents.


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