In this article, we have brought for you the story of Eric Lyon one of the well-known
entrepreneur in the domain and design industries. He is the founder of
Scorpion Agency and community administrator of NamePros.

The entrepreneur is none other than Eric Lyon

Eric Lyon Founder Scorpion Agency

Eric is an intercontinental traveler that has been to every state in the U.S., every territory of Canada,and Mexico. He is well versed in the Domain Industry, Design Industry, Sales, Marketing, and Small Business Management.
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For those of you that have known Eric for more than 2 decades, you’ll know
that he has completed over 50,000+ assorted projects (Ranging from design,
management, public relations, marketing, and More!), developed over 300
domains for market testing, research, and personal, held 3 business licenses (2 in San
Antonio, Texas and 1 in Anchorage, Alaska), and 6 assumed name
Initially like normal people’s life he was stuck in a 9-to-5 job but then he
stepped out from that life and started his independent/freelance lifestyle.
In 2005 Eric bought his first domain and decided to work on design,
development and domain investing.

 to give his dreams real figure he started learning the basics of HTML and CSS

As considered the beginning part of the domain business he researched
different niches, spent hours combing through drop lists and manually
registered a few domains. He was registering the domain names from $1 to $5
and was selling them for $45 to $250 each.

Though it was time-consuming but it was working well for him and it was
the source of fund for his travels, foods etc.


Eric Lyon
Views Of Eric Lyon On DOMAIN Sale

How much opportunity is there in TLDs other than .COM?

According to Eric every domain has the potential to become a brand. There’s
obviously several different factors to look at with each one, however, in short,
there is most definitely opportunity in extensions other than .com. The reality
is that .com has been around a long time and embedded in the sub-conscious
of the consumer. This make .com much more valuable than other extensions,
but it doesn’t mean other extensions have no value.

What should be the domain name length, meaning and other factors to

This answer will be different for everyone depending on their business model.
For Eric, he have owned (and still do) domains that range anywhere from 3 to
25 letters long.

What is future of gTLDs domains like .Club, .Events, .Online, .Guru, and many other new domains?

Eric is not a huge fan of some of the new gTLD’s, he have invested in some. It’s
way too early in the game to give you a definitive answer as to which of the
new gTLDs will survive and increase in value, or which ones will flop and never
exceed registration value.
At the end of the day, if you accidently invest into a domain that you can’t sell,
you can always develop it to create value where their was none before. This
can help recoup some of the investment costs and bring a small a profit (If
done right). It’s important to keep in mind that the new gTLD markets can also
be influenced by how many are being developed and receiving brand

The more people that see an active/authoritative business using a
new gTLD, the more likely they are to buy them from a reseller at an inflated

About Scorpion Agency

Scorpion Agency deals with Logo/Brand design, Brand development, Brand
Management, illustration, vector conversion, comic strip, Business cards.

Eric Lyon Name Pro

Anything is Possible if you really want it bad enough



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