Jon Yau, The Founder of

You might have heard about this Man- Jon Yau. He is the guy who talked his wife into letting him spend $250,000 on a domain name to start an online Business

How he Convinced his Wife to Spend $250,000 on a Domain

Before convincing his wife for the said domain he had convinced himself for the sale that should he go for the domain in this amount or not and should he trust Flippa?

And after these over he tried to convince his wife, His wife was highly qualified, extremely intelligent and  he had a senior role in the funds management industry

What was his wife’s reaction


Jon Yau spended $25000 on Domain


When Jon told her that there is a cool domain name available at $250,000 then after hearing this she smoothly shifted to bed and taking a deep breath told “Alright, Convince me”

About is an online marketplace where photographers sell stock photos to buyer for a one-time fee

Who is Going to Buy These Photos?

The web designers and  Website owners because along with web hosting and programming stock images are a primary building block of the web

Why He purchased the Domain at this Much

Because this domain is going to bring traffic from the web so that he can compete with the established Competitors.

Journey of Stock Photo

Jon Spotted the Domain Auction on on 30th November 2012 and contacted the vendor but got no response and initially, the Bid was started with $50,200, and after it providers accepted his bid and he was approved as a bidder in the eyes of flippa.

There is a saying that For the passion of doing something an entrepreneur can do anything and this entrepreneur Purchased the stock photo domain at this Unbelievable price

On 24th December he Submitted the $250,000 Buy-it-now price and on 26th December he sent the amount through Bank transfer to

jon yau founder stock photo
Jon Yau Founder Stockphoto

The domain transfer was completed on 1sr January 2013 and the very next day jon Organised the web hosting from LiquidWeb and installed WordPress landing page

Who was the First Photographer to join Stock photo

Serget Nivens signed up as’s first Contributor

When was Established

Stock Photo was launched on 9th September 2013

When did stock photo make its first sale

Stock photo made its first sale on 10th September of $50


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