The young’s have the spirit, the ability to conquer what many experienced people think thrice to do. It may be called as their lack of risk  or the desire to make something possible that they dreamed for.

Today we are discussing about one of the young entrepreneur of Chennai, india named Abishiekh Jain, the founder of Hackers den – an IT Based startup which provides cool hacks and tricks. He has 11,467 people connected in facebook and over 7000 people follow him on his personal twitter account.

What inspired him to This Field

His  blogging career journey started when he was in 6th standard from taking revenge of his insult by one of my friend in front of girls and after that the most hated computer stuffs become his passion, profession and everything.

The revenge incident inspired him to learn these things, and you will scare to know that it took 40-45 minutes to Jain to Create his first Gmail account.

Who was the teacher  to teach hacking Blogging To Jain


He used google to learn programming and hacking stuff by spending 7-8 hours in front of the computer every day he was scarifying his sleep for his passion

Then he started working as an editor in a Facebook page after 18 rejection by different pages, and he was writing articles for free because he had no idea that he can earn money from it too.

Abhishekh Jain blogger
Abhishekh Jain-Founder Hacker’s Den

Later he founded his own page Hackers Den on May 10, 2014

What was the Source of Investment for Abishiekh Jain

There are many Hurdles for a Startup Blogger like Money for investment, Fair English Knowledge,Mnaging Time between Study and Blog, so how jain managed all these

Let’s know

Jain decided to start a blog but he wasn’t earning and he didn’t have guts to ask father for money so he choose Blogspot platform with a free .tk domain, and it was welcome to

He was giving 7-8 hours per day to computers and giving less time to his study and this resulted in first time failing in subjects. This resulted him to listen from relatives that he was spending times in computer games and failing subjects, and he got demotivated but his parents supported him and said do whatever you want to do online but concentrate on study as to get pass marks.

The second biggest problem was my English. He was poor at English but his uncle said suggested to watch English movies to learn and he started learning English from subtitles and this is how he overcame his poor English Quality.

And as considered about Time management abhishekh says it’s a problem that I am facing till now but somehow I manages it.

His achievements

  • He was at google office for a meet on 12th 2016 which taught him many things and he got networked  with many google employees
  • He Was invited to BlogX Event in Delhi as a speaker on 5th August 2016
  • He Was invited by Mr. Imran Uddin the very next after the event in Delhi to a hotel for discussing various money doing projects
  • He Was invited to Affiliate world Conference in Europe
  • He Was invited to inbound 2016 which was held at Boston
  • He Gave Audio interview in the USA blog talk radio show
  • He Was featured at Havard University
  • He Featured at wittyFeed
  • He Recorded two highest real times on Hacker Den Website *332 and *573
  • He Got Featured at Big startups
  • He Got Featured at Billionaire’s saying thrice

Family’s Reaction Towards his Blogging Career

As considered family’s reaction towards his blogging career his family was very supportive to him, thought they didn’t know what he was doing, and insisted him to study, and focus on academics, but when he told them, they supported him and admired his work

A Message to young Bloggers By Abishiekh Jain

Never quit.No matter what, do not quit, its not the solution. You have started your journey, it is you who have the power to reach new heights. Just do not quit. When you think of quitting think why you started. Just because you didn’t earned money or some lame shit. Remember even I didn’t earn for 1.5 years after launch of Hackers Den, to be precise 5.5 years, but didn’t quit, believed myself that I can do, just imagine if I had quit, I would not have won blogger of the year nor be featured at huffpost or invited a Google Office, so u see. Never quit.

Some of his Quotes

When you think of quitting think why you started

It takes for a good fruit to grow unless you add fertilizers into it.

Just by calling yourself an entrepreneur doesn’t really make you one.

Instead of focusing on everyone’s problem focus on yours

Why to get employed when you can Employ  


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