The IIT JEE Advanced, India’s second most difficult exams; which shatters dreams of thousands of 17 year old students and drag them to depression and makes life of few hundreds but then what is that thing that sets these two categories apart.

Lets’ peak into the brain of the IIT JEE Advanced 2016 topper Aman Bansal

Aman Bansal, a 17 year old guy from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan aced this dreaded exam by scoring 320 marks. He too went for coaching like 90% of JEE Aspirants does. He went to Kota based Allen Career Institute but did that make a difference? No, it is not possible that this institute was teaching only Aman Bansal.

What according to Aman is the mantra to crack JEE Advance?

What sets them apart is their mind set and consistency. Aman stated that “Self-belief’ and ‘Regular study’ were the key ingredients of his success. While preparing for exam it is very important to DE clutter your mind and study without any stress and believe in yourself.

It’s a common thought that one has to study long hours, is that true?

Smart work done consistently gives you the desired result. But he breaks the myth that we must dedicate 18-20 hours by saying that he studied 5-6 hours only every day. The Students should clear their doubts immediately during classes, he feels. His habit of participating in group discussions also played a major role.

Are boards important?

Yes, your final JEE Mains rank is calculated on that basis and Aman had scored 98 per cent marks in Class 12 with 100 per cent marks in Chemistry and 99 per cent marks in Mathematics.

He managed the boards and the JEE together, this should be kept in mind that boards and JEE should go parallel and should not be neglected.

Was he tensed about getting a particular rank?

He never bothered about rankings and since he aspired to be a computer engineer he now plans to pursue the coveted B. Tech. course in Computer Science from IIT Mumbai. He suggests that students should “take pressure positively”, rather than succumbing to it, we should seek help from our teachers and our parents. This would help us get rid of any sort of stress or shortcomings and will actually help us pay more focus on studies.

Tips for the JEE aspirants:

  1. Be consistent in studies.
  2. Believe in yourself.
  3. Keep your mind unclouded.
  4. Discuss your doubts regularly.
  5. Balance boards and JEE preparations.
  6. Study fewer hours but with full dedication.
  7. Don’t bother much about ranks, focus on study.
  8. Take pressure positively.
  9. Seek help of teachers and parents rather than stressing.



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